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Bar Set - Mango Wood & Stainless Steel

Bar Set - Mango Wood & Stainless Steel

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This exquisite bar set is expertly crafted from the finest Mango wood and Stainless Steel, creating a classic combination of timeless beauty and practical durability. Luxuriate in the unique artistic designs of North Indian artisans, while knowing these pieces will last through the years and withstand the wear and tear of time. Add sophistication and class to your home, with the stylish elegance that this Bar Set offers.

It includes a wine opener, bottle stopper & bottle opener that can double as a muddler. Each set comes in a box wrapped as a gift.


Mango Wood and Stainless Steel

Dimensions & Weight


Weight: 300 grams

How It's Made

Handcrafted by expert artisans

Care Instructions

Wash regularly, avoid harsh scrubs

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